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Re: Bug#592877: ITP: apt2 -- Advanced Package Tool 2

(cross post to merge the two "independent" threads
and to ensure everyone has the same information.
In case you want to discuss the topic feel free to do it at deity@)

We started this discussion already at the announcement mail
for this so called Codename:APT2 so for more context see
Make sure to read the follow-ups of the two threads above also.
Even more was it discussed on IRC #debian-apt

For the topic itself:
I already got my just deserts so no further comment from me -
beside that i am hereby announcing APT3 which will be written in brainfuck…
(and i am hereby registering APT42 for Michaels or my own use, too)


Best regards,

David "APT{0,1} MultiArch GSoC student" Kalnischkies

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