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Re: doc-base is hugely unloved; bug mass-filing needed?

Steve Langasek:

Steve> non-desktop systems, I don't think we install a doc-base browser
Steve> by default, and I have never seen a text-mode browser for
Steve> doc-base documentation that I found worth using because browsing
Steve> to /usr/share/doc/$package is always quicker.  Unless you find a
Steve> way to make doc-base compelling enough that developers will
Steve> actually dogfood it when they want documentation, I think package
Steve> coverage here is always going to be rather poor.

X11 != GNOME, hence !GNOME != text.

dwww and dhelp.  I use dwww all the time.  Browsing /doc directly only
works when you already know the target package, which I don't, most of
the time.

If there is already a lintian check for this (as Vincent Bernat writes a
bit down the thread), does that mean the warning gets ignored or
overridden in all these cases?

PS.: I am not subscribed to the list, so please Cc me on replies.  Is
Mail-Copies-To another good idea that has fallen by the wayside? :-(

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