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Re: doc-base is hugely unloved; bug mass-filing needed?

On Sunday 08 August 2010, Ian Zimmerman wrote:
> Jeremy> 	Have it generate the list of packages that don't
> Jeremy> register with doc-base... If any of them are mine I'll get 
> Jeremy> them added though I don't know if the updates would make
> Jeremy> it into squeeze at this point but at least into squeeze+1.
> So I did.  I took a slightly different approach this time and the
> count is actually much lower (136); maybe that's because packages
> name the doc-base control files with something else than the
> package name. Here's the script:

This version produces false positives. I suspect it's because you look 
at all file names and not just those under /usr/share/doc

> apache2.2-common

This does not contain any docs (but it contains html files). The docs 
are in apache2-doc and are registered with doc-base.


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