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Re: Re: Re: Re: segmentation fault (a.o. in /u/s/debconf/frontend)

Dear Simon et al.,

thank you very much for your answers!

Do you have GLib 2.25.12-1 from experimental, which is known to be crashy

Yes, you are exactly right. I forgot to mention in my first post that the package mixture on my systems spans from testing over unstable to experimental and indeed I had libglib from experimental installed for some reason I don't remember. As soon as I downgraded to the version in unstable again, I had a working xorg back. So this post is merely a duplicate of #591075.

information for developers; if reportbug is among the things that crash,
it's possible to use any other email program, although the resulting bug
report will need more input from you (see http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting).

Yes, I know, but I had no idea which package to file the bug against and so I hoped to get some hints from posting to -devel. You just gave this hint, but since the corresponding bug report has already been filed this issue is closed for me.

BTW, reportbug seems to have died, because I had the frontend set to GTK2. Now it also works again.

Thanks again,
 - Fabian

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