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Re: RFH: How to compile swf files from source

OoO En cette fin de nuit blanche du jeudi 05 août 2010, vers 05:52, Paul
Wise <pabs@debian.org> disait :

>> In my package ampache it ships xspf_jukebox.fla and xspf_jukebox.swf and
>> I recently received bug #591202 which states:
> ...
>> Are there debian tools available to do this?  If so what are they?

> The FLA format is binary and completely undocumented by Adobe so
> nothing except the Flash authoring tools read it.

But people working with Flash programs uses FLA format as source format?
In this case, FLA could be  the preferred form of modification and hence
the source file. The fact that it is difficult to modify is annoying but
we cannot  require that each  program must be  able to be  modified with
ease only with tools in main.

I had  a package which also  ships a SWF along  with a FLA and  an AS. I
assumed that SWF could be built from  FLA and AS. I did not find how and
therefore, I just removed the SWF from the binary package.
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