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Re: less is somehow in a sour state

I don't see how you can really have packages maintained by more than one person. I reckon the always has to be one person responsible. So I was wondering exactly what extra privileges those persons would have.

Norbert Preining wrote:
On Mo, 02 Aug 2010, Nicholas Bamber wrote:
So you would want an extra control field "extra-contacts" being a list of emails that would receive the same emails as the maintainer but would have no special privileges with respect to uploading or ownership of the package except possibly to orphan the package in some circumstances. Or perhaps just a "subscribe to this package" button on PTS.

What are you talking about???

Andreas clearly stated:

   " ...  are maintained by more than one person ... "

Is that unclear? And before he proposed to move these kind of packages
to collab-maint.

Reading helps.

Best wishes

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