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Re: Bug#590853: ITP: your-freedom -- The your-freedom.net client


On Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 18:58, Irving Leonard <irvingleonard@ymail.com> wrote:
> * Package name    : your-freedom
>  Version         : 0.0.20100728.01
>  Upstream Author : resolution GmbH
> * URL             : http://your-freedom.net/
> * License         : LGPL, others
>  Programming Lang: Java
>  Description     : The your-freedom.net client
> Are you trapped behind a firewall or a filtering web proxy and
> cannot access some or many web pages or use an application
> you would like to use or play a game you would like to play? Is
> your Internet connection being censored and you would like to stick
> censorship where the sun doesn't shine? Would you prefer to stay
> anonymous, that your IP address is not logged with every access to
> someone's web page? Then look no further, you've found the solution!

This description sounds like a marketing blurb (in fact, it is copied
verbatim from the webpage), I think that's not good for a Debian
package. IMO it should just explain what is this for, and highlight
that it is a paid sarvice.

Martín Ferrari

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