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Re: How to make Debian more attractive for users

Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:

> This one [claim of Debian's libraries being out-of-date] always
> boggles me and makes me wonder if we should present Debian unstable or
> testing as the "typical" installation. Debian testing (and often
> Debian unstable) is more stable than the distributions with equivalent
> up-to-date libraries, and those distributions generally never offer
> anything remotely like Debian stable. (RHEL is considerably more
> unstable than Debian stable *and* has even older software, for
> example.)

Which of the above uses of “stable” refers to stability (“slow rate of
change”), and which refers to reliability (“high likelihood of working
when needed”)? Too many conversations conflate the two, and in this case
I think the distinction is important.

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