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Re: suggestion about debian devel extension

On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 8:57 AM, Peter Samuelson <peter@p12n.org> wrote:

> 1) Maybe you wanted to have your software packaged and available on
> Debian mirrors, so developers everywhere could install it to
> cross-reference their codebases, for local use or for a corporate
> intranet.  (Do people still use the word intranet?)

Packaging is generally best done by the person interested in the
software. For more info about getting packages into Debian check out
the debian-mentors FAQ:


> 2) Maybe you wanted your site to be linked from some web page, perhaps
> www.debian.org/devel/.

To get that done, file a bug on the www.debian.org pseudo-package:


> 3) Maybe you wanted to obtain a 'debian.net' subdomain, in order to
> host something that is Debian-related but not officially part of the
> Debian project.

I'd be happy to "sponsor" you such a domain, which one would you like?

> 4) Maybe you wanted someone else to host the same.

I've no machines or time to do that, perhaps someone else on this list
is willing and able.

> 5) Maybe you wanted the Debian Project to host a copy of your webapp,
> indexing all of ftp.debian.org, for general public use.

There are/were plans for something similar, see the source.d.o section here:


Seems to be waiting on hardware and folks to work on it.

There also used to be source.d.n, which ran OpenGrok but the
maintainer of it didn't have time to keep it working so I had to
"de-sponsor" it.

Not exactly a list of yes/no answers but I found your desire for such
answers confusing.



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