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Re: suggestion about debian devel extension

> > Do you mean "at debian.org"?

[j jj]
> Is there any difference between "debian" and "debian.org"?
> The ultimate goal is benefits all developers.

You could have meant several things:

1) Maybe you wanted to have your software packaged and available on
Debian mirrors, so developers everywhere could install it to
cross-reference their codebases, for local use or for a corporate
intranet.  (Do people still use the word intranet?)

2) Maybe you wanted your site to be linked from some web page, perhaps

3) Maybe you wanted to obtain a 'debian.net' subdomain, in order to
host something that is Debian-related but not officially part of the
Debian project.

4) Maybe you wanted someone else to host the same.

5) Maybe you wanted the Debian Project to host a copy of your webapp,
indexing all of ftp.debian.org, for general public use.

It seems you wanted 5), but I for one was not able to figure it out
immediately.  My first guess was actually 1).
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