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Re: "Waqf" General Public License in Debian?

"Norbert Preining" <preining@logic.at> wrote:

>On Sa, 03 Jul 2010, Scott Kitterman wrote:
>> No. It is ignorant anti-religious bigotry. Please take your prejudices elsewhere,  they are quite unrelated to Debian development. 
>Sorry .. please? Either stop insulting fellow people here, or bring
>arguments, but the rubbish you wrote is as much as unfounded as
>astrology, the creation of the world 4000 years ago, the believe that
>only 144000 can enter into heaven, that there actually was a 
>parthenogenesis about 2000 years ago, that some strange book was
>dictated by some god word-for-word, ... (did I forgot one religion or
>sect of the bigger ones?)
>Please if you are a pro-religious fanatic, so it be, but don't start
>mixing discussions about universal human rights, or politics, or
>juridical matters, with religion, or I will call for an ostracism
>on your matter!
Go for it. I'm against censorship based on ones personal beliefs. Don't confuse what I consider it acceptable to believe with my actual opinions. 

The message I replied to was clearly an il-informed anti-religious screed.  I gather you are in favor of this view.  You're entitled to your opinions, but not to insist everyone in the project must share them.

For myself,  I'd like to encourage you to take a step back and work on being more comfortable with people whose opinions are not exactly like yours.

If you don't like religious software, ignore it. 

Scott K

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