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"Waqf" General Public License in Debian?



I really wonder how this (#579796), especially with such a license can
even be considered for going into Debian (especially seeing it in the
NEW queue yes I know, that this doesn't mean it has already been

1) I'm generally quite sceptical about putting religious stuff into
Debian (regardless of which religion we're talking about). This simply
opens the gates for so many problems, politically, morally, etc.
Perhaps a separate "project" would be a better place.

2) How can the ftp-masters actually check whether this complies with the
DFSG. As far as I can see from the English translation, it is not
legally binding, and only the Arabic version is.
I guess none of our ftp-masters can read this, but even if, end-users
can not, so I guess people have not change in reading the license they
agree to.
I guess it's common sense that licenses should have a legally binding
version in English, which is kind of the international language.

3) The license contains many places which can be considered
discriminatory, racist or fundamentalist.
Apart from that... religious stuff shouldn't go into a license.

4) The license is extremely anti-American, and I guess also

This may sound anti-Islamic, but it is not. In my opinion, we should
just keep Debian clean of any religious stuff, or software related to
similar problematic areas, especially if they have such a questionable

What do others think?


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