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Re: Essentiality of Bash

Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org> writes:

> Le dimanche 04 juillet 2010 à 16:04 +0200, Magnus Holmgren a écrit :
>> > Yes. A possible solution would be to introduce a new type of dependency.
>> > Iâ??m not sure the number of impacted packages justifies the amount of
>> > work.
>> Just introduce the new, looser type of dependency; all the packages that could 
>> use it instead of Depends don't have to be changed at once.
> No, but dpkg, APT, britney, dak and many others need to be updated, with
> a delay of one major release.
> It looks easier to fix the 47 remaining packages, especially given the
> fix is trivial for most of them.
> Cheers,

A looser depends would still be beneficial in that the dependency
resolving algorithm could be faster. It could also avoid temporary
deinstalling or deconfiguring of packages.


PS: If you hurry maybe a looser depends field could be added to
dpkg/apt/adept/aptitude/cupt/... now as alias to the existing stronger
depends for squeeze. And squeeze+1 could then loosen the field. That
would save 2 years waiting.

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