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Re: ITP: php-recaptcha -- PHP interface to recaptcha.net

Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> By this reasoning, we should move IM any IM clients that only talk to
> proprietary servers (MSN, ICQ, etc) to contrib as well.  Is that your
> intention?

Not at all, I never wrote this, I quite wrote the opposite in fact.

> Even if we accept the premise that it's a RPC call, you have not
> explained why an RPC call done by php-recaptcha is fundamentally
> different from an IM client talking to a proprietary server.

I believe I quite did. IM clients need to tell the server to perform
actions of many kinds, because they are communicating. A captcha app
doesn't, in fact it should not communicate at all, and just compute a
picture. Here, we are adding an RPC call for no valid reason.

> Why are (or should) remote, non-free data repositories (youtube)
> fundamentally different from remote, non-free data generation services
> (recaptcha)?

We are *not* talking about retrieval of a specific data or content that
you would like to let's say store on your local computer. Storing a
captcha on your hard drive is of no use (as a well designed captcha
system will expire with time). You can replace one captcha picture by
another picture of the same kind, and the functionality is the same.
Here, we are talking about a turing test and its associated data (here
an image) generated by a function that needs computation, which is done
remotely. I wrote:

"Server-to-server connectivity isn't part of the software functionality,
removing it would enhance the software, and that is the fundamental
difference to me."

> | Nobody has yet convinced me here. If there was no more argumentation,
> | but the decision was still to accept software with remotely accessed
> | library dependencies, that would be a serious breach in my trust for
> | Debian staying 100% free.
> I'm not aware of us ever having made a statement that no software in
> Debian depends on third-party services, be they non-free or not.

No, but we wrote that a free software in our view, should not depend on
a non-free software. The question is: is this an RPC call to a remote
(non-free) library. My take is: definitively yes. As we are clearly on
the line here, so I do respect other's opinion, but I thought it was a
worth topic.

Anyway, I think I have made my point, and it would be useless (and
boring for everyone) to write more on this.


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