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Re: Indicator applets and related packages

Hi Ted,

thanks for your answer.

On Mon, 14 Jun 2010, Ted Gould wrote:
> > I think this could be a good idea indeed. A team that would be very open
> > to the upstream Ubuntu/Canonical maintainers.
> I'm unfamiliar with Debian processes so I can't comment on whether a
> team is appropriate.  But, I'd be happy to join a mailing list or answer
> questions and provide help how ever I can.  I will need some guidance on
> that though as things get setup.

Please join

We have started pushing the various packages to Debian and we maintain
them with bzr builddeb to make it easy for you to continue using what
you're already familiar with.


Feel free to create an account on Alioth and request to be added to the
project here ("Request to join" link):

I have some questions/comments already:

1/ what source package provides python-indicate, it looks like it's built
   both by libindicate and by indicate-python...

2/ can you merge translations available in rosetta in the upstream sources
   so that everybody benefit from the translations and not only ubuntu
   with your language packs?
   (I saw that indicator-applet has no translation, in particular
   the applet description is not translated)

Raphaël Hertzog

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