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Re: How to warn about need to port changes to new configuration file?

On 16:06 Fri 18 Jun     , Thomas Hood wrote:
> It is planned that an upcoming version of resolvconf will add a new hook  
> script for isc-dhcp-client which is identical to the existing one for  
> dhcp3-client.  An administrator who has made local changes to the latter  
> hook script should probably make the same changes to the former.
> Is there a need to warn the administrator that he should (presumably)  
> re-implement his changes in the new file?  If so, what is the best way  
> to warn him?  Should debconf notes be used?

In any case you should notice the administrator about this.

Using a debconf note or a debconf question asking to keep the current
modification to the new conffile should do the job.

BTW for information, if your package update a same conffile, the system could be
noticed to not overwrite it.  
Cf. Section 7.5

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