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FAI workshop

Hi all,

again this year, we will held a FAI workshop meeting from july 2-4 at
the Linuxhotel (http://www.linuxhotel.de) in Essen, Germany. 
People which already use FAI meet there to work the whole weekend on
improving the FAI software like we did in the past.

If you have experiences with FAI and like to join the workshop, please
write an email to me.

We have a littel agenda, which gives a minor timeline:

- Meet and greet
- Setup the network
- Changes in squeeze: what is related to FAI?
- Define important things in FAI to be done for squeeze
- Which packages in Debian are important for FAI? Are they in good shape?

- Discuss all FAI bugs, fix them, or add comments at least
- FAI packages in Ubuntu. What needs to be done? How to improve the
- Release management for FAI: stable, experimental, beta packages
- Automatic tests. Do we need virtual machines for that?

- Development of FAI: discussion of new features, enhancements, ideas
- FAI for other distributions
- Final round: What did we mangage to do this weekend 

The workshop website includes more detailed topics for discussion and to work on.

About FAI:

 FAI is a non-interactive system to install, customize and manage
 Linux systems and software configurations on computers as well as
 virtual machines and chroot environments, from small networks to
 large infrastructures and clusters.


regards Thomas

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