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Allowing QA uploads for DMs (was: A lot of pending packages)


Am 15.06.2010 09:50, schrieb Neil Williams:

> OTOH if those requesting sponsorship were more open to packaging some of
> the orphaned packages listed under WNPP and qa.debian.org which
> have already been through NEW ....
> What about if Debian QA packages were all to be deemed suitable for DM
> upload, including those which have been orphaned for over 2 months
> without a change of maintainer? Maybe when an orphaned package is
> uploaded with the change of maintainer to Debian QA, the DM upload
> field could also be set?

It's not that easy, as the current criteria for a DM upload are DMUA:Yes
set AND listed as maintainer or uploader in the most recent upload to
experimentatl or unstable IIRC.

However, I like the idea :)

Best regards,

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