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Re: A lot of pending packages


Il giorno mer, 09/06/2010 alle 22.44 +0000, Sune Vuorela ha scritto:
> When I'm sponsoring packages, which happens from time to time, it is
> normally packages that I somehow have a interest in.
> I think that many other sponsors feel it the same way.

Sure and I'm agree about that.

> For example, my interests is mostly around KDE, and I really try to
> avoid python stuff. That kind of rules your two packages out for me.

That's right, everyone has its own skills, but if nobody will do that
the packages will be never uploaded in debian and some contributors can
feel themselves discouraged.

> I browsed quickly thru those 20+ packages,  and a lot of them hasn't
> been presented on debian-mentors. If they are just uploaded to mentors.dn
> and then left silent, then no one with notice.
> I have also seen discussions in other forums about some of the specific
> packages not presented on this list, so some people also just use
> mentors.dn to share the work with their 'normal' sponsors, and do the
> discussions outside this list, so that's also not a good metric.

You're right, but I was talking for packages which has been presented in
the debian-mentors mailing list.

> A recommended strategy is to package some apps that are interesting
> enough to get some DDs to work with you, and then you can also most
> likely get them to look at other of your stuff.

That's the most commonly situation, in this case, if the package will
look OK it will be uploaded soon. But the problem is that the people
can't find always free DDs to work with they.

> And another often recommended strategy is to help with existing
> packages, rather than introducing new.

Yes, I'm agree but if someone can't find the right package? if they want
their own packages uploaded into debian?

Until now I have always uploaded my work in ubuntu (the reason? I can't
find a sponsor for my debian work). 

Kind regards,

Lorenzo De Liso

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