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Re: MAKEDEV, postinst and udev

On Jun 09, Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> wrote:

> There are still cases where not using udev is fine: chroots or in
> openvz containers.
chroots can bind-mount the original /dev if needed and openvz containers
generally do not need other devices than the ones which come in the

> > > 1/ udev to keep mounting the on-disk /dev on /dev/.static/dev
> > I removed this in 0.124-1, before lenny, and it will not be back.
> Why? Except for the additional mount point showing up in /proc/mounts it
> did not hurt IMO.
Too much pain, not enough gain. The details are in the changelog.
Every feature has a cost in terms of development and support time.


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