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Re: new lilo package maintainer? (was lilo removal in squeeze or please test grub2)

reassign 505609 initramfs-tools

Hi Stephen,

thanks for stepping up maintaining lilo in Debian! I hope you'll manage this 

On Montag, 7. Juni 2010, Stephen Powell wrote:
> Perhaps I can offer a solution here.  Since William obviously doesn't wish
> to maintain this package any longer, I am willing to take over his
> responsibilities as a Debian package maintainer for lilo under two
> conditions:  (1) The kernel team fixes bug number 505609, and (2) Debian
> ceases its attempts to remove lilo from the distribution.

There is no attempt "from Debian". The current lilo maintainer thought this 
was the best option for lilo as he was going to orphan it and also because 
there was no upstream. If you step up to maintain lilo (and the codebase is 
and stays acceptable) and maintain lilo in Debian, removing lilo is moot.

> Keep in mind that I have never been a Debian package maintainer before.

The Debian New Maintainers Guide (ie at 
http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/) shall be your friend, as well as 
lintian and debian-mentors@lists.debian.org as well as #debian-mentors on 

Have fun! :-)

> As for whether or not lilo continues to be offered as an alternate boot
> loader by the Debian installer, that is entirely up to them.  

Fair enough. 


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