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Re: Bug#584888: ITP: boing26 -- Boing! Amiga demo port for the Atari VCS 2600

Hi Stephen,

On Montag, 7. Juni 2010, Stephen Kitt wrote:
> I wanted to package it so that stella could move to main - admittedly
> on somewhat of a technicality... 

/me is speechless, roles eyes and laughs :-)

> Given its size (the current .deb is 6k), it might be worth simply
> bundling it with stella, in a multiple-tarball 3.0 format.

That sounds way better to me.

But technically a package doesnt need to have something in main to work with. 
It just needs to exist. Somewhere. If this bouncing ball demo is like those 
free games (which are free software( for mame emulators stella can probably 
go into main anyway.


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