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Re: how to help end-users to increase the life-time of their SSDs

06.06.2010 02:13, Christoph Anton Mitterer wrote:
Hi folks.

I recently got my first SSD payed by my university and, even though
modern SSDs seem to have smart wear leveling algorithms and more and
more parts of kernel/userspace support TRIM, I was thinking about what
one can do to improve its lifetime.

The most obvious things I found were:
- /tmp as tmpfs
- optionally /var/tmp as tmpfs

Not an answer to your original question, just a not-so-random observation.
/var/tmp is declared by LFS as "temporary storage that persists across
reboots".  It wont be this way if it's on tmpfs obviously.

- moving my browser's Cache to some tmpfs (either it's own) or simply
to /tmp

And browser cache is something that is not very useful if it does not
survive a reboot.

But granted, it all depends on the frequency of reboots.  If reboots
never happen, everything, i.e. whole filesystem, can be on tmpfs.
So... YMMV :)


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