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Re: Recent changes in dpkg

On Thu, 27 May 2010 00:16:01 +0200
Emilio Pozuelo Monfort <pochu@debian.org> wrote:

Putting the list back into the loop.

> On 26/05/10 23:34, Neil Williams wrote:
> > Declaring a format mandates touching every single package because
> > the vast majority of packages are currently dpkg source format 1.0
> > ONLY because debian/source/format does NOT exist. The dpkg
> > maintainers appear to want all packages to have a file that
> > currently only exists in a fraction of packages. We cannot add a
> > file to packages without touching them / rebuilding them, so as the
> > lack of a file is proposed as being *against eventual policy* then
> > Policy is being abused to do what it has been claimed Policy should
> > never do - force a change that is NOT already implemented in most
> > affected packages.
> No, the idea is that you add debian/source/format when you need to
> upload the package (and not the other way round), so this will just
> be an slow transition.

There are packages that don't need uploads again. These packages are
nor orphaned, not dead upstream, just very stable.

> Policy is not going to require
> debian/source/format anytime soon, so that's irrelevant.

Not if the package then FTBFS.

You seem to think that every package is going to be uploaded just for
the sake of an upload.

There is no way to guarantee that ALL packages in Debian will be
uploaded again by some point in the future.

If a package does not need an upload - e.g. the only "issue" is an
ancient standards version - then dpkg cannot change behaviour in a way
that makes that package FTBFS.

> > The ABSENCE of debian/source/format needs to be explicitly retained
> > as a de facto declaration of dpkg source format 1.0. i.e. unless
> > explicitly specified, 1.0 needs to BE the default.
> No, it doesn't. It is now but at some point there won't be any
> default, meaning that if you don't have debian/source/format, dpkg
> will error out. Nothing wrong with that.

If, eventually, dpkg fails with an error when debian/source/format does
not exist, dpkg is causing the package to FTBFS and therefore
dpkg is causing an unnecessary upload due to the changed behaviour of
dpkg. There is A LOT wrong with that.


Neil Williams

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