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Re: Recent changes in dpkg

On 2010-05-27, Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org> wrote:
>> No, it doesn't. It is now but at some point there won't be any
>> default, meaning that if you don't have debian/source/format, dpkg
>> will error out. Nothing wrong with that.
> If, eventually, dpkg fails with an error when debian/source/format does
> not exist, dpkg is causing the package to FTBFS and therefore
> dpkg is causing an unnecessary upload due to the changed behaviour of
> dpkg. There is A LOT wrong with that.

People, calm down.  It's "failed to build from source", which implies there
is a source package already.  It won't fail on unpack to cause FTBFS, it
might fail when preparing the source upload.  From the infrastructure side
I'm ok with that, TBH.  (Iff there are valid reasons for it, that is.  But
I guess we already determined that automatic detection of various things
isn't always the best choice.  Making 1.0 non-native and 1.0 native
explicit wouldn't sound too wrong.  :P)

Kind regards,
Philipp Kern

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