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Re: Bug#582321: TAG: dirsum -- commandline directory summary

On 05/19/2010 05:36 PM, jaromil wrote:

Package: itp
Severity: wishlist
Version: 0.4;

* Package name : dirsum
Version : 0.4
Upstream Author : Dirk Bartley<bartleyd2@chartermi.net>
* URL: http://code.dyne.org/?r=dirsum
* License: GNU GPL
Description: Dirsum is a command line tool to assist sorting out which
directories in a filesystem contain the most bytes.  It will sort
all of the subdirectories of a selected path according to the total
bytes of all files in them, including recursion through further
subdirectories and mounted partitions.

What does this do that existing tools don't?

$ du -Sk | sort -nr | head -n10
131960	./.Newsletters.Washington_Post/cur
115332	./.Lists.Debian.User.history.2007q1/cur
90704	./.Lists.Debian.User.history.2007q2/cur
87364	./.Lists.Debian.User.history.2005q3/cur
80544	./.Lists.postgresql.history.2007h1/cur
77712	./.Lists.postgresql.history.2007h2/cur
77540	./.Lists.Debian.User.history.2006q2/cur
77024	./.Lists.Debian.User.history.2006q1/cur
75464	./.Miscelaneous/cur
75008	./.Lists.Debian.User.history.2007q3/cur

Dissent is patriotic, remember?

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