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Re: Bug#582321: TAG: dirsum -- commandline directory summary

I'm unsure if this ITP was filed as a reaction to my closure of #571575,
or without knowledge of it. But ..

a) I am really suprised that many people would care that du -h | sort -h
   doesn't list files in strict order of size. Does which of two "1.0G"
   files is largest really tend to matter? Enough to have a whole other

b) If you do care which "1.0G" file is biggest, then an option to have du
   include some additional precision in its -h output would easily solve
   your problem. Or there's the small modification I suggest to du at
   <http://bugs.debian.org/563118#70> would allow sorting its output
   exactly by size, without the ugliness of needing a sort -h, and while
   still providing human-readable file sizes.

c) I'd certianly be willing to consider for moreutils a filter that
   converts block or byte sized input into human-readable sizes.
   That would be the full-on unix way to go.

see shy jo

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