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Re: UPG and the default umask

On Tue,18.May.10, 16:16:06, Harald Braumann wrote:
> A umask of 022 is the right choice for most people and at least
> doesn't put the others at risk. Everyone, who knows what a setgid
> directory is and how it works, will also know, that there are certain
> requirements on the umask. And the others really don't care, as long
> as their security is not compromised.

Except for the other group of "others", who have no idea what setgid is, 
don't care too much about security and just wonder why it is so 
difficult to share files with another user on the same machine.

<sarcasm>But it doesn't matter, they'll just go back to Windows anyway.  
It's better suited for home users anyway.</sarcasm>

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