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Re: Parallellizing the boot in Debian Squeeze - ready for wider testing

[Felipe Sateler]
> Here I get worse results for concurrency than non-concurrent:
> CONCURRENCY=none:			51s
> CONCURRENCY=makefile:			59s
> CONCURRENCY=none + readahead:		37s
> CONCURRENCY=makefile + readahead:	43s

This is not the way it should be, and it would be interesting to try
to figure out why.  If you are interested, please report to BTS (for
example against the sysv-rc package) with more information.  The kind
of hardware is interesting, as well as the output from
/usr/share/insserv/make-testsuite and the bootchart data from the
sequencial and parallel boot.  Do your machine get IP address via

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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