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Re: Parallellizing the boot in Debian Squeeze - ready for wider testing

[Kai Wasserbäch]
> as one of the testers just a short reply: on several desktops and
> some basic servers insserv in conjunction with
> "CONCURRENCY=makefile" works well. I didn't have an unbootable
> system so far.

Thank you.  Note that I do not expect an unbootable system.  The worst
I expect are some services failing to start at boot, for example
because they are unable to connect to some other service or because a
file/socket/something isn't available at the right time during boot.
To fail completely to boot, the common packages would have to have
serious problems, and I am very confident that this is not the case.

> As far as speed goes: I didn't measure the speed but it feels
> faster. ;)

Good to hear. :)

If the consensus is that we should switch the default to
CONCURRENCY=makefile, I guess it might still be time to do it. :)

After all, any bugs detected would be easy to work around, by editing
the dependency information in the files in /etc/init.d/.  Any sysadmin
finding a problem could fix it locally while waiting for the fix to
show up.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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