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Re: Xen, Squeeze, and Beyond

On 24.03.2010 20:22, Thomas Goirand wrote:

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Ben Hutchings wrote:
Xen might be doing well in some distributions but in lenny it has been a
disaster.  We have been stuck with a dead-end branch that no-one has the
time and knowledge to fix.  I believe squeeze will be better due to the
common base kernel version and some support from upstream Xen developers
(particularly Ian Campbell), but it will still lack the wide support
that KVM gets as a project that has been merged into the kernel.

I've just noticed that HVM guests (such as Windows) are broken in Xen in
squeeze due to the lack of qemu-dm (see #562703).  Any word on plans for

There's more than plan, there's the solution.

It's been 3 months that I am searching for a sponsor for this one:


Which is tested and working.

If anyone cared sponsoring the 1st upload that'd be great. I have a good hope to be DM allowed soon as my AM already approved it.

I have Ian Jackson and the person responsible for Qemu in Xen (both from Citrix) that promissed to help, especially in case of a security issue on the package.

I did speak with Christian Motschke, who did test the package. I'll look at the package this weekend, and sponsor it if nobody else did sponsor it until then.


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