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Re: Naming policy for Perl modules (mass bug filing)

gregor herrmann wrote:
> On Tue, 23 Mar 2010 22:04:58 +0900, Ansgar Burchardt wrote:
> Count me in.
> A consistent schema is easier for searching, for downloading
> (source|binary) package, for finding a package's bugs or PTS page,
> for "blindly" adding dependencies ...

consistent_schema++ that is for sure. on the other hand if the demand for it is
based on searching and lookup, why don't we create a script to look up any Perl
module and return the proper Debian package name for it?

besides the listed packages, there are a couple of bundles. starting with
/perl(-base|-modules)?/, /libcatalyst-modules(-extra)?-perl/, etc. there will be
always exceptions, right?

one solution is what dh-make-perl uses - the apt-file index. should not be
really complicated to extract that part in the script that will accept
Module::Name or Module/Name.pm and return Debian package name.

the other way is the script I've committed recently [1] that returns the package
names with Perl versions.

one or the other, it would be really helpful to have a tool to look for Perl
module in Debian. the "root/base" package name hides a lot of module names that
are currently hidden inside.


[1] http://svn.debian.org/viewsvn/pkg-perl/scripts/apt-pm/script/apt-pm

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