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Re: Xen, Squeeze, and Beyond

On Sat, 27.02.2010 at 21:59:39 +0100, Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@err.no> wrote:
> ]] Faidon Liambotis 
> | Beyond that, I've also seen filesystem corruption when using live
> | migration and the filesystem cache hasn't been disabled -- an almost
> | undocumented directive of libvirt's XML.
> | 
> | All in all, I'm wondering how people can call this "stable".
> I would guess at most people not using live migration and so never
> hitting those kinds of problems.

I have not used live migration, either, but unless Michael Tokarev's
efforts turn out to be fruitful, I'll be out of KVM due to much bigger
problems than a non-working live migration, and at that point, Xen
would be the only alternative.

Thanks to Faidon for the heads-up on the heads-up on this migration

Kind regards,

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