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Re: Removing the manpage requirement for GUI programs?

Le vendredi 05 mars 2010 à 18:53 -0800, Russ Allbery a écrit :
> This seems like an unnecessarily complex way of implementing the idea of
> generating man pages from .desktop files.  Why would you not simply write
> a script that generates a traditional *roff man page from a .desktop file?
> It seems to me that such a script would provide all the same benefits more
> simply, with additional possible applications (such as using it as a seed
> for a proper man page), and without having to make the man frontend more
> complicated.

And since the devil lives into details, it would be a nightmare to get
it to manage correctly all corner cases.

For the simplest example that comes to mind, how do you get it to work
with several desktop files, spread in several packages, pointing to the
same executable with different arguments?

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