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Re: opinions on NEWS file within a Debian release

On Fri, 2010-03-05 at 12:32 -0800, Mike Markley wrote:
> A package I maintain (opendkim) has released a new major version which
> removes support for a commonly-used conf file setting in the previous
> version. Although that setting is common, it is not set by default in
> the Debian package.
> However, this package has yet to see a Debian release. As such, it is
> only in testing and unstable. I'm therefore undecided on whether to
> mention this in NEWS.
> How do other developers feel about this? Does it make sense to mention
> the configuration change in the NEWS file, considering that this won't
> affect any stable release?

I would mention something about this change in the NEWS file, as it may
be nice to have a record if anyone ever needs to look back for this
change and what it effects.

That is just my opinions though, I would look for some other DD opinions
as well, can't trust just this lowly  ; )

Luke Cycon <lcycon@gmail.com>

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