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Re: Downgrading a package to get it into upcoming release

* Simon McVittie <smcv@debian.org> [2010-02-16 20:26] wrote:
> bug to stop it from propagating to testing automatically. In this case it'd be
> appropriate to file a bug against version 1.3.1, "mongodb: 1.3.x unsuitable
> for stable in maintainer's opinion", then close it in version 1:1.2.x
> (assuming you use epochs as someone else suggested).

Absolutely, I've already filled that bug.

I will probably go down the path of building another binary package
(mongodb-1.2) which I'll then make obsolete, as Sean suggested. Epochs
as well as +reverted will definitely work but looks a bit too hackish to

Anyway, I would like to than everybody for suggestions.

> I see mongodb has accumulated high-severity bugs at an impressive rate
> already, though, so it's in no immediate danger of migrating...

And it looked like pretty quiet afternoon at the beginning :) Some of
them are more about personal taste / point of view I would say.



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