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Re: dpkg source format 3.0 (git)

Jonathan Nieder wrote:

> For usability: I imagine what is typically needed is the set of Vcs-Git
> fields somewhere conveniently machine-readable, so one could just go
> 	apt-get source --git whatever
> and get a checkout of its packaging repository.

... which is what debcheckout provides, though I didn’t know it.  Thanks
to Stefano Zacchiroli for writing it!

> Selfishly, I guess if someone implements the 90% solution above, I
> would stop caring so much about what source format the buildds use.
> Others might be more principled, though. ;-)

So indeed, I do not think git-based distributed source packages are
worth worrying about yet.  In those places where git.debian.org and co
are not good enough, I suspect it would be a better use of time to try
to improve connectivity.


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