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Re: git and quilt

On Sat, 06 Feb 2010, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> Convert to 3.0 (quilt) format and keep it out of git:
> echo "3.0 (quilt)" >debian/source/format
> echo "debian/patches" >>.gitignore
> echo ".pc" >>.gitignore
> And then to build you use (or pass it to git-buildpackage):
> debuild --single-debian-patch
> There is no need to manually create any patch with git format-patch.
> dpkg-source will create a fresh debian/patches/debian-changes on every
> build containing all your differences between upstream (well, the
> orig.tar.ext) and master outside the debian dir.
> The advantage of this over the 1.0 format is that it supports
> orig.tar.bz2, has the debian dir as tar (so it can contain binary data
> too) and changes to upstream in debian/patches/debian-changes that can
> easily be extracted by upstream or for a patch tracker without having to
> know your git.

Given the size of the .git dir when you're not using something like stgit
and have all objects properly packed, one could even consider shipping .git
inside the package if it is small enough.

Is that a proper way to do this?  Or would we need a new 3.0 format variant
to do it right (assuming we want to do that) ?

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