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Re: Binary package names for mozilla plugins [Was: Bits from the Mozilla Extension Packaging Team]

On 03/02/2010 07:14, Mike Hommey wrote:
> I'd go for the -browserplugin suffix.
> Speaking of plugins, I see there are several plugin packages that put
> plugins in various places. Here is a breaking news: the canonical place
> for plugins is /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins. Nowhere else.
> Why ? Because it's where most of the plugins already are (but some
> packages like to put their files in several places, which is pointless),
> and it's where all applications are already looking for plugins.
I started packaging parole media player which provides a plugin using
npapi, and recently submitted a bug to split rhythmbox package. In both
case I used the scheme:


(replacing mozilla by browser, in fact). None of the packages are
already uploaded so I can still change.


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