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Re: correct/ideal way to obtain root from a shell script

Le samedi 30 janvier 2010 à 22:58 +0000, Jon Dowland a écrit : 
> I need to run a command as the superuser inside
> game-data-packager (gdp).  Up until now, I've been
> hardcoding a sudo invocation and depending on sudo.

Why do you need to run anything as root in a packaging tool?

Aren’t you looking for fakeroot instead?

> 	"Proposal: su-to-root should be replaced with a system
> 	managed by alternatives."
> 	<http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2004/11/msg00728.html>
> This doesn't look to have got anywhere, and alternatives
> aren't the fix here anyway (I guess some su-or-sudo wrapper
> implementing policy, a la sensible-browser might be)

I’ve been asking to move su-to-root to xdg-utils or debianutils, but the
situation is still stuck.

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