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correct/ideal way to obtain root from a shell script

Hi folks,

I need to run a command as the superuser inside
game-data-packager (gdp).  Up until now, I've been
hardcoding a sudo invocation and depending on sudo.

Someone has pointed out to me that depending on sudo does
not guarantee that it is configured properly. However,
hardcoding su is equally wrong, if the user has installed
Debian at priority medium and opted to not enable the root

What I will probably have to do in the short-to-medium term
is adjust gdp to support both methods and do my best to try
to figure out what the correct one is for a given system.

However I was wondering, is there a better way to handle
this situation?

I found this old thread

	"Proposal: su-to-root should be replaced with a system
	managed by alternatives."

This doesn't look to have got anywhere, and alternatives
aren't the fix here anyway (I guess some su-or-sudo wrapper
implementing policy, a la sensible-browser might be)

Thanks folks,

Jon Dowland

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