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Re: Package upgrade in Debian without corresponding changelog entry

On Sat, Jan 30, 2010 at 09:11:25AM +0100, Vincent Danjean wrote:
>   My reason for this behavior was that I want
> 1) doc installed by mercurial-common in its name-space (ie in
>    /usr/share/doc/mercurial-common)
> 2) doc easy to find by mercurial users in /usr/share/doc/mercurial
> The symlink of /usr/share/mercurial (with a strict dependency) was the
> easiest way for me to do the work. If there is a consensus it is not a
> good idea, I can try to change and symlink the content of
> /usr/share/doc/mercurial-common into /usr/share/doc/mercurial (but
> changelog.Debian.gz, copyright, ... of course) instead.

If they aren't from the same source package, and hence contain
the same changelog, you shouldn't be symlinking the doc directories.
I see no issue with symlinks to the /contents/ of the mercurial-
common doc directory, but this can't include the changelog,
copyright README.Debian etc.


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