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Re: lxc linux image flavour

Marco d'Itri wrote:
> On Jan 24, maximilian attems <max@stro.at> wrote:
>> On the negative side it doesn't have yet checkpointing support
>> and not all net/ has netns support yet.
> It's not just that, AFAIK there is no match for many of the
> user_beancounters features (especially the accounting part) and e.g.
> lack of the equivalent of "vzctl enter" is a critical issue for my
> applications.

Accounting is done in cgroups.  Not as flexible as in openvz, but it

As of `vzctl enter', there's something very similar, but it requires
to have getty (or similar) running on ttyN in guest.  Probably not
what you want.

> While I am happy to see better support for lxc in Debian, it does not
> look like an openvz replacement yet.

It doesn't, indeed.  Both has their own bad and good sides.  The
main "good" about lxc is that it's in the standard kernel, and
kernel components are ready (maybe modulo some features like
freezing/migration).  Openvz, linux-vserver, other things - all
require quite intrusive patches, which complicating support tasks


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