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Re: graphicsmagick or imagemagick

22.01.2010 16:41, Jérémy Lal wrote:
my naïve questions for today :

1) is graphicsmagick really better than imagemagick ?
it advertises it's twice as fast, scales better, and 'contains'

This fork was created primarily for legal/licensing reasons.

2) if so, why graphicsmagick is not widely used ?

I don't know. But it is still the fact.

The migration "looks" easy. I feel i'm missing something.

Yes. Vulnerabilities. For licensing reasons, they can't borrow patches from ImageMagick. And some not-so-competent bug reporters like myself report bugs only to ImageMagick lists, and thus bugfixes don't reach GraphicsMagick.

Look here for my posts:


and also:


and see if any of the linked images still cause GraphicsMagick to misbehave (crash, access uninitialized variables, leak memory, or unpack pixels even if explicitly told to extract only image metadata).

Alexander E. Patrakov

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