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Re: GPL-licensed software linked against libssl on buildds!

On 19/01/10 at 16:04 -0800, Russ Allbery wrote:
> >> People do occasionally test whether packages rebuild properly in dirty
> >> environments and file bugs when they don't.  Being absolutely certain it
> >> will always work is, of course, hard, but I think fixing the bug when we
> >> detect it is the right idea, rather than treating it as a bug in the build
> >> environment.
> > Rebuild tests in dirty environments? I'm aware of rebuild tests in clean
> > environments to make sure that build-depends are fine etc. but I never
> > heard of such efforts. Could you give a pointer to that?
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2008/01/msg00869.html
> It was the second hit in Google for the obvious search.  There was a long
> thread that worked through some of the problems with the initial method of
> checking, and there is further discussion of this same question there (why
> do we want this, shouldn't we just always use clean build environments,
> etc.).

Yes, and this never resulted in any bug filing as far as I remember, due
to the number of bugs I would have had to file.

There are two ways to attack that problem:

(1) We decide that we want to provide the guarantee that packages
build the correct way in unclean envs. That mean making such bugs RC,
basically, and making efforts to find such bugs.

(2) We decide that it would be nice if packages don't do too crazy things
when built in unclean envs, but provide no guarantee, and recommend the
use of pbuilder and schroot + tarballs/lvm when people need guarantees.

The current situation, where we don't do (1), but still build the
packages we provide in unclean envs, is not an acceptable compromise
(especially now that we have the technical means to solve that issue).
It means that some packages in the archive are silently being built with
additional deps, without any coordinated effort to track them down.

Of course, I'm in favor of doing (2) and building in clean envs on our
own buildds. But we could do (1), and spend a lot of time on this
nit-picking project. Might be "fun".
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