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Re: Is Paul Dwerryhouse MIA?

On Sun, 2010-01-17 at 22:57, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> I am worried if perhaps Paul Dwerryhouse <paul@dwerryhouse.com.au>
> is Missing In Action.
> He is maintainer of kannel which I have a special interest in.  For
> some time now I have had to use an unofficial packaging of a newer
> release due to the package in Debian being quite outdated (see
> bug#563661).  I recently packaged the kannel-sqlbox addon and plan
> to package mbuni - but find it silly to work on a "fork" of the
> (un?)maintained kannel.

Few months ago I tried to contact him for same reason (outdated kannel
package) but didn't received any answer.
In the meantime I stopped to use kannel extensively so I didn't tried
again but just created bare-bone packages from upstream for use on one

It would be nice if you take maintenance over kannel to have it in
Debian repository. I'm ready to help as much as I can and have time.

> I now checked http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?maint=paul%40dwerryhouse.com.au
> - the packages are not in particularly bad state but only one of the
> bugreports listed there has ever had a single response - back in
> 2007 - from Paul Dwerryhouse.
> What is the procedure for MIAs?  I seem to recall that db.debian.org
> have a last-seen hint but that is only for account holders in Debian
> which Paul Dwerryhouse seem not to be.
> It seems that Paul maintains only the packages kannel and jwhois.
> If it comes to that, I can offer to take over maintainance of kannel
> but would be happy to here from others interested in co-maintaining
> it (I would want to use Git and CDBS - so you are warned ahead if
> you have special preferences for or against those tools).  I have no
> interest in jwhois.
> Please cc me on responses to this mail: I am not subscribed to -devel.

Kind regards,  Milan

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