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Re: rebuild test of Debian packages with GCC trunk 20100107


On Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2010, Luk Claes wrote:
> >> Please also tag them sid (and squeeze?), so they wont show up affecting
> >> stable, if the version in stable is the same as in sid...
> >
> > I wouldn't worry about that just yet.  Unless we're planning
> > on switching to gcc-4.5 before the release.  And I'm not sure
> > we're going to have time for that.
> No, we are having a hard time to get the FTBFS issues with gcc-4.4 (some
> in combination with eglibc 2.10) fixed already. There are still more
> than 100 RC bugs outstanding...

In both cases it would be nice if you'd tag those bugs (FTBFS with gcc-4.4 and 
4.5) with sid+squeeze, so that they dont show up as RC bugs for stable, for 
packages which have the same version in lenny. 

Makes live easier for those working on keeping stable in shape.


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