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Re: enabling software rendering in libxine

I demand that Andreas Marschke may or may not have written...

> applications depending on xine or using the phonon-backend-xine backend in
> KDE are currently having problems since features such as videosettings in
> dragonplayer and bangaraang aren't working. As reported to me there are 2
> options how to enable this either via software rendering or hardware as far
> as it is able to. Currently this is managed via the hardware option.
> Unfortunately right now only hardware rendering is enabled but doesnt work
> on every piece of graphics-hardware. As this is a feature bug and reported
> here : http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=563265

For reference, here's the conversation in #xine on freenode:

<xxtjaxx> Hi i am using xine as my favourite backend for phonon and its
          quite good. But recently on the debian (squeeze/sid) package
          things such as changing the hue or saturation are not working can
          this be something that happens when you have special build
<_ds_>    xxtjaxx, see what xvinfo reports.
<xxtjaxx> _ds_: I havent had a dive at such things before would you be so
          kind and tell me what I should actually look for?
<_ds_>    See what XV_* controls are reported for the first adaptor listed.
* _ds_ is assuming that Xv is being used…
<xxtjaxx> I do not actually know what it is but: http://pastebin.ca/1734099
<_ds_>    There you go: no XV_HUE, no XV_SATURATION…
<_ds_>    What hw, which driver?
<_ds_>    (hmm, actually, looks like there are two Xv adaptors there)
<xxtjaxx> Its a nv card 
<xxtjaxx> _ds_: is this something to change at build time?
<_ds_>    No.
<xxtjaxx> so it is a hw issue not xine?
<_ds_>    Hardware or the X driver for it.
<xxtjaxx> thanks for the help!
<_ds_>    You can use the eq2 video post-processing plugin, though.
<_ds_>    (That does it all in software.)
<xxtjaxx> And that I can do how?
<_ds_>    Wherever the post-plugin chains are configured.
<_ds_>    (Don't ask me; I don't use phonon.)
<xxtjaxx> I dont do anything special with it myself (just using it) but
          thanks though
* xxtjaxx has quit (Remote closed the connection

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