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Re: where is /etc/hosts supposed to come from?

On 2009-12-30 15:33:05 -0200, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
> Better correct myself here.  POSIX provides a way for apps to query the
> canonical host name, but DOES NOT REQUIRE IT TO BE A FQDN.
> So, it provided the notion of a "special name", the canonical host name.
> In practice, it has to be a FQDN, but that's due to bad usage by
> applications, not a POSIX (or SuSv3) requirement.

One problem is that it seems to be the only way to get the FQDN
of the host. FYI, I use the FQDN as a way to identify the hosts
(and a FQDN is more meaningful and probably more stable than an
arbitrary UUID).

But I don't know any software that tries to resolve the FQDN,
except broken MTAs that reject mail if they can't resolve the
FQDN, despite the fact that the client is on a private network.

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