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Re: bug #561324: asking questions in postinst


> Why? Is it really required to have _all_ questions in the postinst?

No, not all. There are 4 questions asked.
1) brokers list, the list is received by the package-binary and the user
selects te broker he wants to use. For this I can use a dns-query (type
TXT) but dig and host are both not essential packages, so this still has
to go to the postinst.

2&3) username and password, this can be asked in the config-script

4) tunnel name, for this the binary is nessesary because it needs to
login. This has to move to the postinst.

> Isn't it possible to create a configuration that receives
> this information on run?

1,2 &3: No
4: only if a user has only 1 tunnel.

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